Argy Servicing!

At ARGY, we offer a complete range of servicing solutions to best suit you and your vehicle.

From minor Servicing to Manufacturers Logbook servicing, ARGY is here to help . We service all makes and models and guarantee to make your experience simple, with ease of booking, parking at the door and explanations you understand.


Minor Service

  • Change oil & oil filter
  • Perform fluid level check & top up
  • Perform brake inspection & report
  • Perform steering & suspension check & report
  • Perform tyre safety inspection & report
  • Balance & rotate wheels & tyres


Logbook Service

Manufacturers logbook services are those prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. ARGY will not void your statutory warranty as we strictly follow the service procedures set out by the manufacturer.

ARGY only use genuine parts or parts of equal quality. ARGY guarantees that all of our services meet or exceed the manufacturers requirements and will not impair or void your warranty.


Air Conditioning

Argy are the experts when it comes to car air conditioning, and we now offer a complete air conditioning re-gas service. So when your air conditioning no longer cools, call in to your nearest ARGY store today for a FREE air conditioning performance check.


Automatic Transmission

Keep your Automatic Transmission in shape and avoid costly repairs with an ARGY Automatic Transmission Service. We will replace your fluid and filters as required and check your transmission will run smooth for optimal performance.


Fuel System Service

With fuel costs ever increasing, no-one can afford to be wasting fuel. However with everyday driving, gum and carbon deposits can foul your fuel system and decrease your cars fuel economy and performance. An ARGY fuel system service will clean the injectors, remove the gum and carbon deposits, improve fuel economy, restore engine performance and reduce exhaust emissions. ARGY recommends this at your next major service for best results.

Available for most modern vehicles